Reletech P400 M.2 2TB 3D NAND SSD, 3500MB/S PCIe Gen3×4 NVMe Computer Internal Gaming Laptop Solid State Drives TLC Desktop (2TB)


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Product Description



Incredible Performance:

Galloping performance in control of the overall situation.

Adopt a new generation of PCie3.0 four-channel specifications, support NMe1. 3 technical standards.

The reading speed is up to 3500MB/s, the writing speed is up to 3000MB/s.

Reletech Solid State Drive M. 2 P400 at full horsepower accelerates the loading of work games, shortens the boot time and effectively improves system responsiveness.

512GB: Read (max) up to 3,500MB/s / Write (max.) up to 2,600MB/s1TB / 2TB: Read (max) up to 3,500MB/s / Write (max.) up to 3,100MB/s512GB: 890 TBW1024GB: 1810 TBW2048GB: 3670 TBW

PS: The speed is for reference only. The speed of SSD will be affected by various factors such as interface type, computer hardware level, computer system, and test system. We recommend using CrystalDiskMark software for testing.

p400 p400


High-quality particles, more stable performance

Provides sufficient capacity up to ITB, and is better than general 2D flash memory in storage density and reliability

With the excellent LDPC error correction mechanism of the master control it can meet your dual pursuit of durability and speed


Large capacity to hold your world

Provide 250GB/500GB/ITB multiple large-capacity options More console games and large file storage in one disk

Integrated design, more stable and durable

With integrated design, no moving parts, shock and vibration resistance performance, data storage is more secure



In order to achieve the best speed, the motherboard must support and work in PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 mode; if the motherboard does not support PCIe 3.0 and above, or the motherboard works in PCIe Gen 3.0 x 2 mode, the optimal speed cannot be achieved. Notebooks with too old production years may not reach the specified speed. Notebooks with a relatively new production year and supporting PCIE3.0X4 are required to better reach the specified speed. Desktop motherboards recommend using A320/B360/B450 or higher configuration motherboards to achieve the specified speed. You can use the CrystalDiskInfo software to test whether your motherboard meets PCIE3.0X4. E12 and 12S are the same type of main control, only the name is different, they are shipped randomly

p400 computer laptop PCIE 3*4p400 computer laptop PCIE 3*4


Using an external adapter may cause unrecognition or the speed cannot reach the specified situation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an external adapter to connect to the SSD. Buyers who use an external adapter should purchase with caution. Therefore, the unusable problem caused by the external adapter is not a problem of the SSD product itself. If the notebook cannot use the built-in M.2 SSD, you can buy our external solid state driveIif you build a Chia Coin Storage Server, We will not provide you with a replacement.

Incredible Performance: Read speeds up to 3500MB/s; superfast data transfer and read speed (Write speed lowers.) accelerated by 3D NAND technology; tested by CyrstalDiskMark software. (Based on internal testing, performance may be some difference in terms of drive capacity, different hardware configurations, operating systems and test software, and other factors.)
Low Latency, Fast Reading and Writing: Based on transmission specification of non-volatile memory, adopts NVMe Transmission Protocol to improves read and write performance, and reduces high latency brought by the AHCI interface
Higher Efficiency: Support the host DRAM cache architecture (HMB); makes use of all the host cache bit SSD to get higher 4K performance so that makes the whole system application, program loading and file copy effective better; offers you smoother experience
New Interface for Faster Transmission: Equipped with a new PCIe Gen3 x 4 interface, up to 32Gbps transmission bandwidth, faster read and write, and sequential read and write speed is up to 3500MB/s and 3100MB respectively (For 1TB capacity, effective mainstream high-performance PC)
M.2 2280 Specification: Adopts M.2 2280 specification, which is compatible with PC and laptop; low power consumption, low calorific value, zero noise, and excellent impact resistance and shock resistance; suitable for use in a variety of scenarios and improves our life efficiency


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